Once upon a time there was...

... a group of students that travelled to the U.S.A to take part of the Summer School. These guys experienced of lot of stories. And some of these stories are worth mentioning.

For instance there was ...


masturbating in the shower
playing golf at 7 a.m.
jogging at 7 a.m.
Tiger Town Tavern
karaoke at "TD's"
the dance style at "Flashbacks"
anything sweet and colored (and younger than 15)
Pool Billard
Clemson Downtown
dessert after supper
ice after supper
cups for German energy drinks
coffee with amaretto flavour
Factory Outlet
going to the laundry
Dining Hall Clemson
Dining Hall ZW
killing mailboxes
part with Josh
tiger paws and anything else with paws

Because there's no music in the labs we have to make our own music. Here's the Top Ten with our favourite songs we are singing and whisteling.

1. GWAR - Meat Sandwich
2. Die Sendung mit der Maus (popular German TV show for children, comparable to the "Curiosity Show")
3. Bruder Jakob (canonical mix)
4. Sesame Street
5. AQUA - Barbie Girl
6. Pippi Langstrumpf
7. BEN E. KING - Stand By Me
8. FUGEES - Killing Me Softly
9. FRANK SINATRA - New York, New York
10. Muppet Show

Of course we are on lookout for new stories...